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What We Offer

BulletProof Biometrics™
Fingerprinting System

Our state of the art Live Scan fingerprinting system allows you to fingerprint customers for eForms 1&4 anywhere. NO INTERNET ACCESS REQUIRED! If you're looking to fingerprint clients on-site at a remote range or training facility then THIS is the system for you. This system also has additional capabilities.

This system comes with:
State of the art Live Scan Fingerprint Scanner
Asus 17 inch Laptop with number pad
License/ID scanner
Fingerprinting Training & Instruction Manuals
Program Signage
Explorer military-grade rugged hard case.

What's included

We provide all of the following at NO COST TO YOU

Zero-Cost Monthly Lease

Enjoy a ZERO DOLLAR monthly lease for all the essential hardware, including Fingerprint Scanner, Laptop, License/ID scanner, connectors/cables, Instruction Manuals, Program Signage, and a hard case.

Unlimited eForms Submissions

Provide an upgraded all-electronic Fingerprinting Service to your customers that is good for UNLIMITED eForms 1& 4 submissions, and access to ALL of your NFA inventory, not just kiosk inventory.

Remote Support

We include FREE remote support for ALL of our systems. Whether you select our standard system, or our OTG (On the Go) system, rest assured we're always there for you, whenever you need us.

Fingerprint Training

We teach you how to roll fingerprints on a state of the art live scan machine, as well as our tips & tricks utilizing ridge enhancer to increase fingerprint clarity and obtain the best possible results.

Supplies Management

We make sure the supplies you need never run no cost to you! This includes the 64GB SanDisk flash drives provided to each customer, and alcohol wipes to clean the glass face of the fingerprint scanner. 


We manage all of the accounting needs to operate smoothly. This includes calculating monthly statements for store owners, maintaining customer databases, and assisting with fingerprint related customer requests.

Who We Are

Dana Forman

Dana Forman

After retiring from my nursing career, I started Notarized With Care Inc, then launched Fingerprinting With Care, a Live Scan Fingerprinting service. One of our Live Scan enrollments generates a digital EFT fingerprint file for ATF eForms 1&4. BulletProof Biometrics™ evolved as a way to help FFL's provide a better  service to their customers.

Alex Forman

Alex Forman

With a background in technology, automation, and web design, I have helped business owners improve their online presence and take their businesses to the next level. While working in the Live Scan Fingerprinting industry, I saw a need for individuals obtaining NFA items to get their fingerprints taken...Then BulletProof Biometrics™ was born.

We strive to provide our customers with an exceptional experience. Our fingerprinting business, Fingerprinting With Care has garnered over 150 perfect 5-star reviews on Google, a testament to our dedication. We take pleasure in building relationships with our clients and understanding their needs. Through these interactions and guidance from industry experts, we’ve crafted an advanced fingerprinting system tailored for FFLs and gun store owners, continuously refining it to meet their requirements.

Ja ck
a week ago
Life savers for sure!!! They were able to get me in within 45 minutes of calling and everything was super simple. I was in and out within minutes and my receipt was in my email before we finished. Highly recommend Fingerprinting With Care if you're in need of the services they offer. Update: Had to make a second last minute visit and they were able to get us in immediately! Same great experience our second time through!
Jeff Hopkins
3 months ago
I highly recommend Dana and Alex if you need fingerprinting. The website was clear and easy to navigate. After booking an appointment, communication was excellent and the experience in the office was highly efficient. They were thorough, friendly and quick. Thank you!
Melissa Reid
3 months ago
Had a pleasant and seamless experience. I actually called quite a few places on the list provided by nmls and you were the only one who answered professionally and took the time. Considering this is my personal information you would be dealing with, I felt comfortable coming to you. Highly recommend.
Ernesto Hernandez
a month ago
The process was quick and clean unlike when you have to go to a police station. They also gave me a copy of my fingerprints and passport photo on a thumb drive so i have copies i can make. This has been by far the greatest experience i have had doing fingerprint card and passport photo.
Dana Simkins
3 months ago
Dana and Alex were extremely professional and efficient. I was in and out in about 10 minutes. They were also very friendly and knowledgeable about the process. Highly recommend.


If you cater to 15 or more Class III/NFA item customers per month, you could be a suitable candidate!

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